Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Done With The MP3 Changes

Okay, that's it - I'm done fixing all the broken MP3 embeds in the blog. They've all been migrated to the lovely little flash player that I discovered yesterday. It's supposed to be sunny today after raining buckets overnight last night and yesterday. No problem, we needed it. So here's to Buckets of Rain, one of my favorite Dylan songs:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Theme Song Side-Bar Fixed

I've just now fixed the side-bar which plays Helen Merrill's version of "What's New" - this blog's theme song. It had been broken along with all my other music embeds when Imeem was bought out by MySpace. Now that I'm completely running the show on my new mp3 hosting site I don't have to worry about such things any longer. At any rate, it's fixed over on the top right-hand side. My next task is to go through and fix the rest of the embeds in all my postings over the years. That's for tomorrow though. Good night sweetheart, goodnight.

Really Jumpin' Now

I didn't like the look of the mp3 player I embedded below - very clunky looking. It also had no volume controls and it did not show the song or artist while it streamed. So I decided to go a little further and upload a flash player and javascript code to my web hosting site, one that I could reuse each time. Now, every time I embed a new song, I just use the same code and replace the mp3 url. And it's a beautiful little player, very elegant. What do you think?

One O'Clock Jump

I've spent all afternoon trying to:

1. Find a free m4a to mp3 file converter
2. Find a free MP3 hosting site
3. Figure out how to embed the mp3 file on my blog

And finally, success. This is how I feel right now:

Once More about Ricochet

The best part about the site that I mentioned below is the weekly podcast. I hope Lileks becomes a regular contributor on them. Click on the link below for a list of all they've done so far. #23, "Read All About It" explains the demise of newspapers, magazines, and evening newscasts in an extremely engaging manner. I listened to it twice on my IPod this week too and from work. Check it out:

Ricochet Podcasts

Check out

I've been hanging around at lately, a new site run by Rob Long, Peter Robinson, and Mark Steyn. James Lileks recently joined too, an additional bonus because he is the funniest man on the web and one of the most thoughtful (read The Bleat daily and you'll discover why I make this claim). Another nice surprise is that Pat Sajak (yes, that Pat Sajak) has joined and he is by all evidence delightful; a smart and funny guy. Here are two of his posts, for your enjoyment:

Vacation's Over -

Obama Oratory Overrated? -